Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Military Surrogates

An article ran this past Sunday in the San Diego Union Tribune about military wives who are surrogates. Ever since Newsweek's cover story on surrogates, including military surrogates, they have received a lot of attention. I have worked with many military surrogates and they are very committed to the process and are happy to serve and help a couple achieve their dream of having a child.

Full disclosure: I am featured in the article.

The complete article can be found here: www.signonsandiego.com/news/metro/20080629-9999-1n29surro.html


questionsaboutfaith said...

Interesting line of work you are in. Good blog. Just surfing.

Lisa said...

Interesting blog. Wish I had known you when we started our journey more than six years ago. I am blogging about surrogacy, infertility, and egg donation on www.stillsittingwaitingwishing.blogspot.com

Lisa said...

Hi Stephanie

Thanks for the comment. I think I am the only one who reads my blog. At least i get a kick out of it!
You have been through so much...we are at the end of the road here, last attempt. We will findout on MOnday the 28th if our surrogate is pregnant/ Thankfully Florida is a great state to do this in, we are protected...but it is still scary...After all you went through..you must have gone crazy finding out the surrogate was pregnant...We are hoping for the best. And trying to stay busy..this waiting is killing me!

Laurie, Owner of Halo Secretarial Services said...

Wow that was a really interesting article - thanks for sharing it! I know here in Canada there are issues around surrogacy (I believe we have an altruism policy), but I really believe it is an amazing gift a woman can provide for another couple. Pregnancy is such hard work that it certainly can't be compared to a regular job. Paid or not it is something the comes from the soul.