Monday, February 21, 2005

Millions of Americans Struggle to Conceive

Stephanie Caballero was interviewed by Kenny Goldberg for KPBS on how infertility affects millions who are trying to conceive. A mother who struggled for years to conceive and give her birth to her child discussed with Kenny the emotional toll of infertilty. Dr. Laurie Kolt was interviewed on how difficult it is for couples to go through infertility because the wife or partner will be at a different stage emotionally than the husband or partner.

Goldberg interviewed an IVF physician, an acupuncturist, and an egg donation agency, as well as Stephanie. Stephanie, who went through eight years of infertilty treatments, understands all too well the emotional toll of infertility. But, she gives hope to couples who feel that their infertility treatments will never end: you can be a Mommy. You can be a Daddy. It may not be they you envisioned, but it can happen.

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