Thursday, January 31, 2008

Growing Generations in W Magazine

Kudos to Growing Generations, the surrogacy agency founded by Will Halm and Gail Taylor. While most agencies will work with the GLBT community, they were the first. They are a top-notch agency and this article reflects the care they have given to their clients.

Surrogacy Novel Debuts: Relectant Miracle

I have not read the book so I can't comment on the content of Reluctant Miracle, but while I have read a novel about a couple going through infertility treatments (I forget the title, sorry!) I think this may be the first novel with its central theme as surrogacy. Intended Parents and surrogates might want to pick up a copy to read.

I've posted the link in my link sections so you can read a brief synopsis about the novel. You can also find it on

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Infertility Treatments and Why They Suck

See my links for an article that was written by a woman who went through infertility treatment. Do they suck? Yes, until you either stop or achieve your dream. I cannot say differently. It's not fun poking yourself with needles and going in for your 10th vaginal ultrasound -- this month! But, would I do it all again and then some? Yes, I would.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Serial Egg Donors and Their Health

Lately, women who donate their eggs more than six times are receiving a lot of press in the news. I think the attention is good, as it is focusing on the unknown health risks to these women; however, is the health community concerned for their health or is it because these women are "egg donors" and are receiving money for their services? I have stimulated my ovaries 23 times to have a child (I have twins through surrogacy) and no doctor told me that I should be concerned after six cycles. Not my OB/GYN or the IVF physician that I worked with afterwards. I represent many women who work with egg donors to have their families and these women have gone through numerous cycles as well. While I have not asked them if their doctors explained the health risks to them after more than six stimulation cycles, I have a feeling not one did. So, is it the health risk or something else?

The complete article is here: Egg Donation: Is It Worth Big Money?