Friday, June 27, 2008

UK Sperm and Egg Donation Cycles Decline

While I can understand a child's need to know where they came from, I am not surprised the latest findings regarding the decline in sperm and egg donation since the government banned antonymous donations in 2005. The rates have declined by nearly 40% for egg donation, despite the government's insurance that the rates would not decline. Most couples are on a two-year waiting list for donors, denying treatment to thousands of couples. It is no surprise that couples look to the United States and other countries when seeking a donor.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Surrogacy in Australia

While not all states within the USA legalize surrogacy, there are many states that do. Australians are not so fortunate, as most of the country, surrogacy is illegal or the laws legalizing surrogacy are so problematic and recognize the surrogate as the legal mother if there is a dispute between the couple and the surrogate, that most couples look elsewhere.

This couple found a way and her sister carried her baby for her. Surrogacy in the state where they moved to is legal as long as the surrogate is not paid a fee (altruistic). Most of the countries and states where surrogacy is illegal or is restricted to unpaid surrogacy do so because the legislators believe that paying a woman to carry a child is degrading to women and illegal baby selling under current adoption laws.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Infertility and Age

An article came out today that infertility rises depending on age, which is true. Most women are under the impression, misguided as it is, that it's only until you reach the age of 35 that you have to worry about conceiving.

That is not true. Many women can have problems concieving at age 30. I know I was 32 when I started to try and get pregnant and it was not easy for me at all. Yes, we all know women who conceive easily at 35 and beyond. I have a childhood friend who got pregnant the first month she went off the pill and she was 40!

But, that is not the norm. The complete article can be found here: Putting off pregnancy until after age 30 causes infertility issues