Thursday, July 16, 2009

How Old is Too Old?

The world's oldest mother died this past week, leaving twin boys. She was 69 years old. I think, along with most of the world, that she was too old to conceive. There is now a 72 year old woman who would like to become a mother.

I feel very strongly and even passionately that I am not in a position to judge. Who am I to say if that person will be a good parent. Oftentimes, my clients are taking hormones and are stressed because they so desperately want a child. They have paid thousand of dollars and the majority of them have suffered, mostly without help, and grieved over not having a child. I do not usually see them at the best time in their life when I meet to review the contract.

But, 66 years and 72 years is too old. There is a reasons (too many to into for this post) why women give birth at a much younger age. First and foremost, it's the children that come first and now those children are left without the only parent they have ever known. That is the tragedy.

What do you think? How old is too old to become a mother?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So, What About Michael Jackson's Kids?

I thought since this issue was all over the web in the last couple of weeks that most people understood the issues involved, but just last week a neighbor came up to me and asked me that very question: So, what about Michael Jackson's kids?. I knew where he was going so I replied, just as I did for Tamera H. Bennett at her blog, Bennett Law Office, that in California, it doesn't matter if Michael used a sperm donor an egg donor and a surrogate for all of his children. Intent controls in California and as long as he had the intent to parent, and the third parties did not, he is the father. Of course, he would also have a judgment of parentage, signed and certified by the court, but my neighbor was satisfied with my response so he moved on to his next question.

What about Rowe?

Now, that's entirely different, as she is the legal mother of his two older children, Prince and Paris. Her name is on the birth certificate and remains so, so under CA law, she could have visitation and custody rights to them. The hearing is scheduled for July 20 and I will be following the case closely.

I do hope the judge who hears the matter takes into consideration the fact that the youngest child, Blanket, has never been separated from his two older siblings and to tear them apart when they have lost their father and the only home they have known, would, in my opinion, be very detrimental.

What do you think?