Thursday, November 30, 2006

Surrogacy Agency Owner Scandal Part II

Attorneys like myself who practice in this field and who own agencies are sickened when we hear of other agency owners preying on couples desperate to have a child. I am helping a couple from France, who are now pregnant with twins, who gave an agency owner on the East Coast $30,000 only to never hear from him again. This owner, like Nanette Delp, also has opened a new agency with a new name and location. The article below also states the the California legislatures have no interest in regulating surrogacy and egg donation agencies, which is unfortunate as it could help prevent more couples being scammed by unscrupulous agency owners. The advice I give couples is to get references either from your IVF Physician or from other couples who have worked with the agency. And, Google the agencies to see what others say about them.