Thursday, January 17, 2008

Serial Egg Donors and Their Health

Lately, women who donate their eggs more than six times are receiving a lot of press in the news. I think the attention is good, as it is focusing on the unknown health risks to these women; however, is the health community concerned for their health or is it because these women are "egg donors" and are receiving money for their services? I have stimulated my ovaries 23 times to have a child (I have twins through surrogacy) and no doctor told me that I should be concerned after six cycles. Not my OB/GYN or the IVF physician that I worked with afterwards. I represent many women who work with egg donors to have their families and these women have gone through numerous cycles as well. While I have not asked them if their doctors explained the health risks to them after more than six stimulation cycles, I have a feeling not one did. So, is it the health risk or something else?

The complete article is here: Egg Donation: Is It Worth Big Money?

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