Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New IVF Treatment Could Double Pregnancy Rates

The article doesn't say what the new treatment is that could double pregnancy rates, but that is probably because the researchers at the University of Adelaide are not disclosing it, but it sounds promising as the group says the treatment could significantly increase implantation rates and decrease pregnancy complications for women undergoing assisted reproductive treatments (ART).

The article even calls the single embryo transfer the "holy grail" and says this treatment could possibly perfect transferring one embryo, which would significantly decrease the risks to both the pregnant woman and the unborn children.

The testing is currently being done on rats, but if true it could hold great promise for couples and individuals who have been unable to achieve a pregnancy with ART.

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linda said...

Unfortunately, the article you linked to doesn't state a thing about what they're doing that they feel could double success rates.

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