Monday, October 08, 2007

Surrogate Makes a Difference

There are a few questions every one of my clients ask me and they are: 1. Why does she want to be a surrogate, and 2. Will she have any rights to my child. The article below really sheds light on the giving heart of most surrogates. Yes, the money is nice, but money is not the motivating factor for the majority of women who make the decision to carry another's child. They do it to make a difference. To answer question # 2, if you select your surrogate from a state where surrogacy is practiced, legally you are protected and should be declared the parents of your children (or child) before they are born. But, this article really shows that surrogates do not want the children. They have their own family and want to help the couple or individual create, or add to, their own. See complete article here.

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surrogatemother said...

Your article is really good which gives the answer to all the surrogacy related questions. In fact, many childless couples regard surrogate mothers as selfless and amazing miracles in their quest to become parents.

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