Thursday, September 27, 2007

Oprah Special on Surrogacy in India

It appears that Oprah will air a special on surrogacy in India with the focus on the surrogate women who carry the children for the infertile couples. It appears that the practice is very common in India and that the women take very good care of their health and the unborn child. The full article can be found here.

In my experience, the women that I have worked with take very good care of themselves during the process and pregnancy. In fact, they usually take better care of themselves than when they were pregnant with their own children. I know that can be an issue that couples struggle with when they find out they have to use a surrogate to have a child. I know it was one I struggled with and one of the reasons why it took me 3 years after my IVF physician told me I needed a surrogate to start searching for one. I know how I would eat and what I would do when I was pregnant and I knew that my surrogate may not do the same. Did I know my surrogate probably ate Ritz Bits with cheese everyday of her pregnancy. You bet. Were my children born healthy? You bet. I had to give up control and realize that while my surrogate was pregnant my children would get all the nutrients they needed. It was my surrogate who may not get the nutrients that her body needed. Once I realized that, I was fine. And my children are fine and very healthy six-year olds.


Anonymous said...

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surrogacy in India said...

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Surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman is hired to carry and deliver a child for a couple or for some individual. Depending on sperm and egg sources, different cases of surrogacy fall under different categories. Normally surrogacy is of two types, Gestational Surrogacy and Traditional Surrogacy.
Surrogacy in India
Surrogacy in India

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